SGCB Pro Air Blow Gun, High Flow Car Cleaning Gun 1/4” NPT Air Inlet Adjustable Air Flow Knob Interior Exterior Washer Gun Air Compressor Tools Accessories for Wheel Engine Leather
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HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION FOR DURABLE SERVICE ONE-PURCHASE-FOR-LONG! --- Well Crafted By Premium And Solid Aluminum Alloy And Adopted By The Hang/ Suspended Plating Technique As a Protective Layer, This Air Blow Gun Is Extra Solid And Tough For Your Longtime Use, Oil & Corrosion & Rust & Broken Resistant So Surely Offering You a Durable Lifespan Service!

POWERFUL AIR FLOW DELIVERING --- Applied By Tornado-Like Motion, The Blowing Gun Can Produce And Deliver a High Pressure Air Flow To Clean The Very Stubborn And Sticky Dust/ Dirt But Also Can Used For Car Wash Water Drying Especially Removing The Water Streaks. Need No Huge Compressor But Just Require 90 Psi Or 254L/Min (8.97Cfm) Air Consumption High Utilization Rate With Large Air Leakage Proof Capacity!

HIGH EFFICIENCY FOR CLEANING --- The Free Speed Of Rotatable Set Is Up To 8,000 Rpm, Delivering Extra Strong And Symmetrical Rotating Air Jet Flow, Blowing And Removing The Dust Very Easily. What If Meeting With The Stubborn Or Sticky Dirt? The Cleaning Brush Will Work, Which Can Loosen The Dirt & Grime Readily Then Clean Them Thoroughly!

ERGONOMIC DESIGN SHAPE TO EASE YOUR FATIGUE --- Designed As The Features Of Human`s Hand, The Handle Is Far Suitable For You To Grip And Hold And The Trigger Is Long Enough For Your Finger To Push, Which Will Ease Your Hands And Offer You An Easy Controlling But Cozy And Relaxing Experience! Besides, The Handle Block Can Protect Your Fingers From Being Crashed And Hurt By The Trigger In Working! Besides, The Air Flow Regular Enable You To Adjust The Air Flow Precisely To a Tiny Extend So You Don

MULTIPURPOSE APPLICATION --- Universal Version: 1/4” NPT Air Inlet Connector, Common Quick Release Us Fitting Adapter For Most Air Compressors! It Can Be Used For Anywhere That Needs Air Blowing Especially Interior Cleaning Of Auto Caring And Car Detailing, Such As Vents, Stereo Face, Dashboard, Leather An Other Areas Hard To Reach!
PROD번호 : 350015787
정보업데이트 : CV.33239 : 2019-08-25 오전 8:38:55

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